How to refund money from facebook wallet?

Few days ago one of my friend was trying to promote  his YouTube video  on Facebook page. He was about to make a promotion of INR 600. While adding money (or making payment) to Facebook wallet via credit card, eventually by misunderstanding he got all of the amount about INR 66,465.00  credited to Facebook wallet.

He was unable to make refund amount from Facebook wallet. After a long efforts we found the following solution to refund amount to his bank account.

We have solution for refund the credit to your account.  Steps to make a successful refund :

  1. Login Facebook via account from which you have to raise complaint.
  2. Raise a ticket in Facebook Advert Payment Enquiry (Find the link below )
  3.  Describe your issue with transaction reference number.
  4.  Select Category for your issue : I don’t recognize a charge or I was overcharged
  5. Click send and wait for 24 hours (working business hours) till the Facebook team get in touch with your ticket.


Link to raise a ticket.

Generate Ticket On Facebook (Adverts Payment Enquiry)

After review of Facebook account and ticket by Facebook Team, they generated a refund transaction for account.

Both transactions statements :

Be aware of following terms :

  • Don’t delete Facebook promotion since it helps Facebook Team to verify your ticket issue.
  • You can pause or make inactive the Facebook promotion.
  • You don’t need to block your credit card.
  • Mention your transaction reference number in issue description.